A word from the management of Karina Polymer Company

Dear Mr. Nikfar

We are a producer of engineering polymer compounds in the home appliance, safety, construction, road construction, traffic and automotive sectors.
Our company started production by producing engineering polymer mixtures. From the beginning, we started working with the aim of developing special formulations for companies that mainly used special raw materials in the industries of household appliances, automotive supplies, and hospital supplies, and we succeeded in reducing the volume of raw material imports to the country in various sectors. Focus We focus on the production of polycarbonate, ABS, polypropylene and heavy polyethylene compounds. This year at the exhibition, we unveiled a product that can replace ABS. That is, we produced a compound that is not based on ABS, but has its properties, and in some cases, it has performed better than ABS in standard laboratory tests in terms of heat resistance, colorability, and impact resistance.

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