Extrusion grade polypropylene

One of the methods by which the production process of plastic products can be implemented is the extrusion grade, which is described by pushing the material forward from the die and opening so that the desired product can be made in various forms. The production of plastic products requires a device called an extruder so that polymer products can be shaped by extrusion grade polypropylene.
The method of extrusion of a thermoplastic material:
1. The materials are heated by the extruder until they are completely softened and ready for shaping.
2. The softening process is also known as Plastication or Thermal Softening.
3. The most important extruder device is single screw, which has a die and shapes the products in different shapes.
4. In short, the forming process in the extruder is as follows:
I. Transfer of solids in the form of granules from the hopper to the rotating auger
II. The beginning of the process of compression of solid materials
III. Gradual melting at the bottom of the berl
IV. Start mixing
V. Pump the molten material mixed by the extruder through the die at the end of the extruder

Products that can be produced with extrusion grade:
1. Blow film
2. Pipe and its fittings
3. Wire and cable
4. Profiles
5. sheet
6. Types of compounds
7. Covering paper and metal with plastic produced during the extrusion process

Two main grades of polypropylene used for plastic extrusion products:
I. Homopolymer: Homopolymer is the most useful grade of polypropylene because it produces a strong, rigid plastic that can be welded and allows it to be incorporated into many structures. It also has good chemical properties and good corrosion resistance.

II. Copolymer: Another type that is often used in various industries is polypropylene copolymer, which is slightly softer and more flexible than homopolymer, yet it exhibits significant hardness and strength. It is impact-resistant and has better resistance to stress. Copolymer is a more suitable choice for use at lower temperatures than other polypropylene materials.

2 basic reasons that prove that polypropylene is the best material for plastic extrusion:
1. Heat resistance:
Compared to other rubbers, polypropylene is relatively resistant to heat. Polypropylene, offering a higher melting point, is a good choice for making items that require heat resistance, for example: Electrical components, transmission of liquids or gases.
The chemical resistance of polypropylene against many chemicals, especially those that are acidic or alkaline, is at its highest level, which has made it suitable for the production of quality pipes for laboratories and industrial uses. Polypropylene pipes are also usually strong enough to protect against corrosion.
Polypropylene can maintain its shape well against bending or stress. This makes it a good choice for plastic hinges such as those used on squeeze bottle caps or plastic boxes.
2. Adjustable property:
Polypropylene can provide a highly customizable material, as tubes can be produced in solid colors, multiple colors, clear or opaque depending on the intended application.
The affordability of polypropylene has made it usable in a wide range of applications. Of course, polypropylene is considered as one of the low-cost plastic options for extrusion. In addition, polypropylene plastics are recyclable, which allows the material to be reused and increases its efficiency significantly.

What is polypropylene pipe extrusion used for?
1. Polypropylene plastic pipe extrusion is offered in a variety of applications, and profiles or pipes can be customized based on customer requirements.
2. Polypropylene pipes can be used as parts of machines, parts of windows or doors, agricultural equipment, parts of toys and first-class pipes in food industry factories.

If you think that extrusion helps to create the product you need, you should read enough about the polypropylene extrusion process so that you can make your products with complete confidence.
According to the molding of polymer product molds by the extruder machine, it is possible to produce all kinds of plastic products desired by the customer with polypropylene grade extrusion.

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